A Christmas experience in Shanghai,Singapore, and Vancouver

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We are nearing another holiday season in Vancouver. The pace at office begins to slow down and become more social and relaxed. The Christmas trees and decorations at the office, retail stores, public spaces, and apartments lobbies signal the season has begun. In Vancouver cold weather, rain and sometimes the chance of snow are also […]

Top things Vancouver locals enjoy doing in Summer

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I’ve lived in Vancouver since 1995 and have traveled to South Africa, New Zealand, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Peru, Mexico, Las Vegas, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Xian, Turks and Caicos, Toronto, San Francisco and so on. I enjoy keeping an active lifestyle, enjoy eating and trying a variety of experiences. With this in mind […]

Producing a Travel Documentary – ChicVoyage in Asia

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Producing a Travel Documentary Almost a year in the making after departing for Asia in December 2012 I will be receiving the first batch of high definition Blu-Ray copies of ChicVoyage in Asia from my supplier. if you go to our subsidiary website Chicvoyage Productions travel store  you will also see  ChicVoyage in Asia now […]