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make money teaching videos

I was contacted by some people in Vancouver who were interested in attending my SLR video workshop. The problem was that I’m living in Taiwan now. As I was currently teaching English I decided that I had the mindset to create my own course on creating travel videos using video as the platform. I put in the many hours to put together an outline and film the course. I thought this would be time well spent as there wasn’t any in depth travel video courses. So let’s start with how you can make money teaching on-line!

Where to sell your video course not Youtube

I love Youtube, but I think it is not the correct platform to sell a video course. My top video “Night in Vancouver” currently has 30,000 views and I haven’t earned anything on it. Youtube  surprisingly rejected my request for monetization. Even if I did monetize based on 4kdownload’s claim of $5-7 per 1,000 views it would be $210US. If I used another site’s claim of $264 per month for 70,000 views this works out to .003 per view. Ok that’s not bad. Perhaps I should look more into sorting that out. I could also leverage to the high viewership on this video to promote my course, which I do. The point is that Youtube is not the platform to sell a course. It is difficult and requires a bit of luck in my experience to get in 5 digit viewership.

I could sell it on the Internet, but then I would have to find an audience and the logistics of delivering the video to my students. A 4 minute video lecture was 422mb for a 4minute and 20 second video lecture. I could have delivered it through my website and deliver it through E-junkie the problem was that the customer would have to download it, which would take too long. I searched the Internet for the right solution and came across – an online teaching platform based in San Francisco.

my top youtube video Nightlife in Vancouver with 30,000 views has earned me any revenue


What is Udemy?

  • They are an on-line learning platform based in San Francisco California USA.
  • They are well established with over 4,000,000 students
  • They have 18,000 courses ranging teaching people how to “Use Dropbox” to “teaching photography”
  • They have an app for Iphone and Google Android.
make money on udemy
If you multiply the course price and number of students you would think some people are killing it on Udemy




What I think of Udemy so far?

My first course on Udemy

It  is free to become an instructor and was fairly straightforward to create a course outline and upload my video to their platform. Their website is user friendly and provides you the guidance you need to complete your course. They do a good job of packaging your course for the web. If you’re interested you can check out my course “The Art of Travel video” here.

Students can preview your course curriculum and promotional video and decide if they want to join and pay for your course. Once they join you can interact with your students using Udemy. If Udemy sell’s the course through their efforts they keep half of the revenue. Udemy has a great system for creating coupon discounts for your course. If you sell the course through your promotional efforts you keep 100% of the income minus 3% for credit card transactions.

After creating my first course I wanted to use my momentum to create my second course on how to make money creating travel videos. They have a good community through their facebook group. The members are other teachers and people that are a part of Udemy. It is useful to get feedback on your course their and ask others questions.

udemy facebook group
udemy facebook group has been helpful
It wasn’t long before I got my second course on-line.

I’ve made some sales and once of the great things is that Udemy uses a non-exclusive model so you can sell the course elsewhere. The thing to be aware of is that if your course is free on Udemy you can’t sell it on another platform like Skillfeed.

make money with travel videos
My second course “make money with travel videos”




Another Platform to sell your course called Skillfeed

Skillfeed is another on-line teaching platform owned by the major stock footage firm Shutterstock. I am familiar with Shutterstock as I host and sell almost 2000 video clips on their site.

If you put in the time and effort to create in my opinion it is a no brainer to sign up for free and host your course on Skillfeed.

What is Skillfeed?

  • They are an on-line learning platform. I think based in New York as they are a Shutterstock company
  • They are not as established as Shuterstock with 437 instructors
  • They have 43,499 video tutorials. I think they don’t list the number of courses as it is still a low number.

What I think of Skillfeed so far?

make money with travel videos
make money with travel videos on skillfeed
 I had a few minor issues uploading my videos to Skillfeed, but once up their I went through their approval process rather quickly. Their model is different as they charge their their customers a monthly flat fee for unlimited access to courses. The way you earn revenue is by the number of minutes viewed for your courses. It was quite encourage to see the number of minutes go up day by day and currently check it daily.

I have the same two courses up there  from Udemy. The great thing was that it didn’t take much more work to get the same two course up on Skillfeed. I think if you’re planning to teach a course and sell them that the best strategy would be to sell both on Udemy and Skillfeed. At the moment my Gopro course is performing much better on Skillfeed than it is on Udemy. Having your course on both platforms gives you access to a broader audience.

If you found this post useful and do decide to sign up for skillfeed I would appreciate you sign up here.

It is a referral link for me. After you sign up and create your courses you can also share your experience and ask other instructors to sign up if you believe in it.

 Skillshare a 3rd teaching platform

As we speak I got contacted from someone last night on email. She said she was impressed with my photography and wanted to invite me to host my content on skillshare. Here is what I know about skillshare

  • 56.8K followers Twitter
  • 305,000 facebook likes
  • Global website rank of 9,382 on compared with (945 rank of Udemy and 19,661 of mostly visited my Americans.

I’m still learning more about this site, but it looks like there is a minimum requirement of 2 classes with 300+ students to qualify to get paid. I’m wondering how if this means your first 2 courses have to be free before you apply. If this is the case it is a deterrent to leveraging your existing courses on Udemy and Skillfeed. I will share more as I learn.

If you enjoyed this post and are interested in joining Skilfeed please join using this link. It will help me with a referral income and doesn’t cost you anything.

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    • Some of the tactics that I used on Udemy to earn reviews and get my first students
    • A good podcast from another resource that provides strategy and tactics on Udemy and Skillfeed


My experience publishing an Amazon kindle e-book

My experience publishing an Amazon kindle e-book

My experience publishing an Amazon kindle e-book

In the past month I’ve been inspired by success stories from publishing e-kindle books on sites like Patt Flynn’s blog and Meron Bareket’s blog . These sites are right up my alley providing free inspiring podcast’s with real stories from people that are making a good living using passive income methods. I even saw a success story on BBC new’s with someone making a six figure income writing their book over the weekend. The roadblock from getting started by what to write about and the motivation to actually get started and complete the process.

make money with travel videos
My course on making money with my travel videos
In the past several months I have seen a growing passive income from my stock footage on Pond 5 and Shutterstock. I’ve even recently discovered two on-line teaching platforms that let you create your own course and sell them. The first was Udemy, where I’ve created 2 travel video related courses that have generated some sales, and I have my Gopro video course being made for sale tomorrow. During this process I discovered another teaching platform owned by Shutterstock called Skillfeed. As these teaching platforms are non-exclusive I was able to leverage the same video content to create a course on Skillfeed without too much additional effort. I’ve made at least made a 3 figure US income in 1 month with 2 courses. With several revenue streams I was eager to find the next area on the Internet I could look at building some business.

The turning point to get started on an ebook came after listening to one of Patt’s podcasts. I created my first e-book, a travel book  based on my filming adventure on Sydney Australia.


travel ebook
My free travel ebook based in Sydney





With some E-book momentum I decided to start on the second title based on my two separate trips to New Zealand. During the first trip I made a series of blog posts I made from my trip in 2010 to the North and South Islands long before Chicvoyage. I’m lucky that it is still on-line as I’ve misplaced some of those pictures and wrote the blog post during that actual trip. The first 18 day trip takes us to such places as the Coromendel, Rotorura, the popular Tongariro Alphine Crossing, Christchurch, Queenstown, Milford Sound, and Auckland.

The second trip took placed under completely different circumstances. I sold my possessions, sold my Acura TL, and my luggage in tow said goodbye to friends and family  and left for my second solo filming journey to Auckland for 5 days. I stayed at a Airbnb paradise at the Te Atatu Peninsula with locals to experience life as a local and tap into their knowledge and explore local destinations such as Muriwai beach, Piha, and Waiheke Island.

New Zealand ebook
Image from the book of a grass covered volcanic crater with one of the best views of Auckland
If you’re curious on the adventure and experiences I went through and like great images and in depth detail on travel details like restaurant menu’s, flight airlines, places I’ve stayed, and revealing popular local destinations like Muriwai beach and Waiheke Island then this book may be for you.

Now onto the Kindle Process. I found there was a lack of information as the sites I Googled for their experience ended up trying to sell me something to help me become a master at this. I decided to just try it out. What did I have to lose?

The Kindle Process

1. The first step was to get the content together into a word document. In my case the raw content was already, but I had to get the content from several sources into one document.

2. Next go straight to the source and download the building your kindle guide from Amazon. This guide covers in great detail the paragraph settings and spacing, formatting for the title, picture standards and more things along those lines. I actually went ahead and created the e-book for New Zealand before looking at this guide. A mistakes as I ended up having to re-insert all my images, remove headers and footers, and many other changes to put my book in a Kindle friendly format.

3. Next I had I got some feedback on the book and cover from Pat Flynn’s Kindle Facebook group. I also emailed family and reached out to friends on Facebook. I got some responses and made some adjustments

4. Next I created a Kindle account on Amazon to provide my information, fill out a tax form, and start providing information on my title. I also downloaded a Kindle Viewer that mimics what your book will look like on different Kindle formats. I heard that this is a must if you don’t have a Kindle.

5. After the word document was in the Kindle format the guide will instruct you to save your document as an HTM file and zip the output. You will then upload this to Amazon

6. Once the upload is finished you have the option to view it with an on-line viewer. Once you click this you can go back and download a file that you can open on your kindle viewer. Note that you may have to download an add-on to get the viewer to work.

7. View your book using the kindle using different formats like Kindle Fire (color) and the black and white formats as well

8. You may find things you need to change. I had to change the table of contents as it looked like garbage on the kindle.

9. After I made the adjustments I had to go through step 5 again. Once this was done on the Amazon site I selected the pricing and whether I wanted to be part of their exclusive program.

10. Next I had to publish the course and then wait. I published it at around 3pm today and checked it at about midnight at it was live!

Whew, the process involved a lot of small steps, but the actual process of getting your files on-line to them publishing it was the same day in my experience. From here I wait to see how it does. If you’re interested in seeing the book there is a link on the picture below.

My experience publishing a Amazon kindle e-book
My first Kindle Book!

Travel E-book – FILM OZ –

travel ebook

Travel ebook FILM OZ

I’ve decided to spend some time to put together my first Travel Ebook based in Bondi Beach and Sydney Australia documenting my filming adventures.

For the past 4 years I have put out a lot of travel content from videos, blog posts, tweets, and facebook posts. Since making the decision to start my business and making the decision to follow my heart I have been on an interesting journey with many lessons. This journey has taken me to many countries and even as you read this I’m sitting in a café in Taipei, Taiwan putting together this e-book. I wanted to create a series of e-books to share some of these adventures and along the way inform and inspire you explore and travel. I’ve taken many risks such as leaving good corporate jobs twice in Vancouver to selling my apartment and by car. As this is the first e-book I’m sure the books will evolve so I thank you for your patience. We will start in Sydney, Australia and I can tell you I have enough stories and great footage for many more books in countries such as New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and more. Let’s begin.




Book Highlights

  • See great pictures of the popular Bondi beach and Sydney
  • See the surf cave where I based myself on airbnb and a direct link to the airbnb listing
  • Learn about the shocking prices and some survival tips
  • I provide some of the best spots to enjoy a beer with a view of the Opera House and Harbour bridge and take awesome footage
  • I share some of the Sydney nightlife
  • I share my story of how I made some new friends in Sydney


If you interested in a free copy enter in your email and you will be sent a free link to the e-book.