Starbucks Taipei 101 – Great views on the 35th floor

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Follow @ghung   Starbucks Taipei 101 is a must-see If you’re going for a visit to see Taipei 101 which I highly recommend. It offers the some of the best views of Taipei for the lowest cost. The best views for free are at the elephant mountain hike, which I’ll cover on the future post. […]

1st Passive income report

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Passive Income Report What is passive income? Before I start my 1st passive income report lets explain what passive income is. In my words it is a product that you take time to produce and sell on the Internet through a platform like your blog website or Amazon. If the products are digital like an […]

2 great free resources for learning Chinese

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Follow @ghung 2 great free resources for learning Chinese This month I want to introduce you to 2 free resources for learning Chinese (Mandarin). Both resources are high tech. One is a free app called Chineseskill and another is a podcast from Jenny Zhu. What I love about both of these solutions is that you […]

Tips to become a better English Teacher in Taiwan

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So you’ve decided to become an English teacher in Taiwan? Now that my experience as an English teacher in Taiwan is over I thought I would reflect and pass on some of my hard lessons learned. Some of this stuff I just learned and wasn’t covered in my schools training. I’m there are much more […]