The Greg Hung Show 004 (Part 1 of 2) – Succcesful Travel shirt $91,972 US Kickstarter Launch with Kyle Barraclough

Kyle is a local success story in Chiang Mai who had an idea for a travel shirt while traveling in Asia. He developed a stylish  high performance Travel Shirt and successfully raised close to $92,000 US on Kickstarter. I was fortunate Kyle was generous with his time and we manage to sit down at the Sangdee Cafe in Nimman to record a 2 part interview. Kyle is a tall guy with an imposing physical presence, but once we started talking it’s hard not to be engaged by his story and the way to tells it. In the first part you’ll learn about Kyle’s early travels in Thailand and what led to the creation of the travel shirt. I also get a bit deeper to and learn more about his mindset and how he leveraged relationships to accelerate his knowledge. Kyle’s approaches business seriously and the experience and wisdom you’re going to hear on this episode is both interesting and golden.

successful kickstarter campaign travel shirt
Kyle Barraclough and I at the holiday party at Sangdee cafe at Nimman Chiang Mai. Thanks to Petter Miller for the photo










You will learn:

  • Kyle’s background and story and journey to creating the Travel shirt
  • His approach to doing business in Asia and China
  • What Chiang Mai was like in 2004-2007
  • Kyle’s journey to Burma in the early days
  • Networking 3.0
  • How Kyle leverages his strength of relationship
  • How Kyle leveraged the strength of the community to accelerate his education to start on-line business
  • The story behind the travel shirt
  • How Kyle manages his relationship with his backers


Website Libertadapparel

Kyle’s kickstarter campaign

Kyle’s unedited talk in Chiang Mai

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The Greg Hung Show 003 – From Toronto to $2000 Amazon Kindle Book Launch

Ryan Mulvihill is a young articulate Digital nomad from Toronto that moved to Chiang Mai to escape the Canadian cold. Ryan introduced me to where I eventually would meet my Thai girlfriend. Thanks for that Ryan. On the business side of things Ryan successfully launched his Amazon kindle book “Startup Idea Action Plan” from the ground up with a successful first month launch of $2000 Canadian in sales. Ryan brings a positive energy and a radiant entrepreneurial spirit and shares his guerrilla marketing tactics which is sure to inspire you.

The Greg Hung Show

You will learn:

  • Learn what  motivated Ryan to leave Toronto and make the journey to Chiang Mai Thailand
  • Ryan’s process from start to launch to create his Amazon Kindle Book
  • A look into Ryan’s mindset of how to motivated himself to take his project seriously
  • Lifestyle comparison between Canada and Thailand
  • Ryan’s grassroots hustle and guerrilla marketing tactics that led to a success launch





Amazon kindle book “Startup Idea Action Plan



Podcast Intro by : Petter Miller