How a Canadian Food blogger sells her own tripod and outsources video editing

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Canadian food blogger Kiran has a unique business of selling a custom tripod and outsourcing video editing for food bloggers. She has an original business and original story that is inspirational and information packed.I met Kiran and her partner while living in Bangkok with my parents. We ended up working at the same co-working space […]

Rob Cubbon on Advanced tips for Online Teaching in 2017 – Episode 30

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In this episode Rob and I got together again in Chiang mai  for a candid discussion of online teaching in 2017. We are going to sit down and discuss more advanced topics for online teachers on Udemy and other platforms like list building and marketing tactic for our online courses. We are going to dive […]

Alternatives to Chiang Mai for Online Entrepreneurs (Digital Nomads)

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Chiang Mai, Thailand and Thailand in general is a great destination to start your journey as an online entrepreneur or digital nomad. However, it’s also good to have some alternatives or other options to base yourself for burning seasons, get tired of visa runs, or if you want a change. March is typically the bad […]