25 – German & Thai couple – Growing a Language App Kingdom

Simon & Khwan are a unique German and Thai couple that have created a language app kingdom called Simply Learn Languages. In this episode they are share their interesting story of getting married in Germany, quitting their jobs, moving to Thailand, outsourcing to South East Asian Talent, Thai Marriage Visa’s, and how they have scaled their business.

I found their journey and story inspirational. They have written huge chapters in their lives the past 2 years and have taken calculated risks to grow and scale their business. They have managed to find a great way to balance their personal and business lives together as well as cultural differences.


1. Learn Languages apps: www.simplylearnlanguages.com
2. Simon’s blog: https://offtochiangmai.wordpress.com/
3. Learn Thai Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjM2-M1SS2X0_ESkL3efhKw

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