The Pros and Cons of Living in Vancouver Canada

What’s up everyone and welcome to another episode of the pros and cons this week we’re gonna be talking about the pros and cons of Vancouver Canada

Vancouver Canada is where I’m from live there a long time but recently recent years I’ve been spending more time in Asia let’s get straight to it

Vancouver is ranked among one of the most livable cities according to The Economist Intelligence Unit rankings, but aren’t those ranking just for people that don’t live here. I’ve lived here full-time since 1995, but have been abroad in Asia mostly since 2013. My high school years were primarily on Vancouver Island for content on the education side. I’ve seen how the city has changed over the years.

the pros and cons of vancouver canada

it’s beautiful in the summer it’s got great skiing let’s get straight to the pros since we’re talking about already


so it’s a beautiful city it’s got its blessed with a nice mountain backdrop and city skyline which the city tries to protect by keeping buildings at a certain building height they don’t allow people to especially that are in Uptown to build high buildings to protect the view because it is very beautiful especially in the summer or in the springtime when it’s snowing and you can see the snow on top of the mountains.

The city is very clean, there is clean air and clean drinkable tap water. I didn’t
appreciate that until I moved to Asia and if you’re dealing with very air quality issues especially if you’re living in Chiang Mai during the burning season and
I even started to monitor air quality using an app called air visual where you can monitor the AQI

Vancouver also some great craft beers like fat tug, 33 acres, brassneck, 4 winds and many others and a fun brewery scene in the mount pleasant area.

The marijuana is legal and if you’re of age you can buy it at the store or via delivery. Vancouver is also known for it’s great outdoor options especially if it’s good weather. You can go out for a short drive outside of the city to Grouse mountain or squamish for a hike at the chief. One of my favorites is walking or biking along the seawall.


The shopping here is decent. We can get a lot of American goods and electronics for fair prices. We have a good selection of stores for electronics, clothes, and now a big amazon presence. For large electronic purchases like computers or camera’s I find it’s often cheaper in Canada than in Asia. In Vancouver they have a generous 30 day return policy for a lot of purchases.

In the winter there are fewer options, but you can go up skiing if you fancy that type of thing. For wine lovers you can head up to the
wineries up in Kelowna the famous Okanagan Valley and enjoy the local wines by VQA.

Vancouver also has a great variety of food. They have a large

Asian population so you can get lots of good Hong Kong Cantonese style food, Vietnamese food Malaysian Malaysian food, not not as much but more Vietnamese food, some Taiwanese food and definitely lots of good Japanese food as well as great western food at fair prices and yeah it’s known as one of the best spots for Asian food in in North America there’s a very nice chilled slow-paced vibe in Vancouver people people are not in a rush and it’s definitely retirement friendly place a lot of places that choose to people that choose to settle choose Vancouver people that choose to retire people with a lot of money. Vancouver is a good place for that there

Public transport is a fairly good system although the buses can get cramped and miserable during the rainy winter months. Oh it’s still the Pro’s. The public education system is decent from elementary all the way through high school. I went through about 5 different schools from elementary to the end of high school. The quality of university and higher education is also good quality and the price is reasonable when compared Internationally and the United States. I paid about 33K cdn for my MBA at SFU Beedie.

The Vancouver Seawall Lifestyle in the summer is hard to beat

We are fairly close to the United States, which may not be a positive thing given the pandemic, but back in the day we used to go cross-border shopping for clothes, music, and try the different food chains like Olive Garden. However the US Dollar has increased in strength making it more expensive for Canadians and more desirable to Americans to come here.

It’s fairly close to travel to places like Las Vegas, Honolulu in about 2 hours,Calgary, and Mexico is within reach. out the video series


I’ve got a long list here so I’ve got a refer to it first of all these days in Vancouver it is bloody expensive especially when it comes to accommodation it’s I think ranked fourth most expensive in the world definitely most expensive in North America when you factor in the guest the salaries and and the earnings you know you count for that as well as the prices Vancouver had a surge in housing costs after 2010 and yeah I think it’s it’s still pretty tough and even if you want to rent. I paid about $1500 canadian for furnished studio in downtown Vancouver near Granville in 2017 and in gastown. Compared to 2009 I was paying $900 canadian for a studio on Burrard and Nelson.

The power goes to the landlords you know have to do crazy things like line up go to interviews and you’ll have to do at least a year-long contract if you’re lucky enough to get selected and it’s not read to move in. You’ll need to get Internet, hook up hydro, and furnish it. I know what things are like in destinations like Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok. There a lot more options for less and more comfortable accommodation.

Vancouver at it’s best for a photo with snow on the mountains on a sunny day

September to May you can expect a lot of
rain when I say rain I mean all day you can get pretty cold chill combined with the rain and really gets to your bones and I’ve never overcome that especially once you get used to warmer climates like in Thailand Taiwan Malaysia. June until September is the good weather. It’s a very short window and all the locals know and try the make the most of it.

job opportunities have been pretty limited. I’ve done my Master’s in Vancouver, I did my degree and I had a good job but still I mean for the amount of work and education I would at least six figures. I think that it is tough to get ahead going the traditional route of local education and applying to local jobs. Most of the better higher paying jobs will be either in Toronto in the United States.

I did I think you could definitely do more having your own business or working online.

This leaves people in Vancouver to work for Telecommunication companies, software, energy sector, culinary, or banking.

Dating and Social Life
I’ve had many friendships over the years in Vancouver. It’s usually a city where people choose to plant their roots so people tend to be quite conservative when it comes to dating and not taking changes.

Vancouver is beautiful on the outside and on paper aside from high real estate prices

It feels like a small city where you can grow up knowing people from high school. Friendships are hard earned, but the good ones can last a long time. I can’t say that about friendships from around the world.

Vancouver has a bad reputation when it comes to dating and I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. It was easier in University in 2000 to date and things were more casual. In 2020 there is more economic pressure and if you don’t settle down with your peer group it is hard to meet newer people.

Vancouver has a very cliquey vibe and can take some time before you even hang out with people in a social setting. I’ve never understood it, but you can experience the different when living in cities in Bangkok, Taipei, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I try to come back to spend time with my family and old friends. I do enjoy some of the comforts along with the summertime.

Since being back to Vancouver since the pandemic I can share that there are many locals that don’t enjoy Vancouver for many of the reasons mentioned. I think that many just don’t take much action and just stick through it.

I’m currently dating someone from overseas in Kuala Lumpur where the life is not easier when it comes to dating, accommodation, convenience, cost of living, and weather. Like the Nomad Capitalist says go where you are treated best. I grew up in Vancouver and it’s beautiful and has a lot going for it on paper. I guess you have to give it a try for yourself to see if it lives up to it’s top livability ranking.


In 2020 and beyond it is hard to imagine a prosperous future in Vancouver Canada. The affordability issue when it comes to housing is front and center. Vancouver’s high rankings on a global scale has attracted the wealthy has made this city a playground for the rich. for Vancouver’s population that managed to get a piece of real estate before the astronomical rise and plan to raise a family Vancouver remains a great choice mainly for their children. For the younger generation or locals without real estate is Vancouver really the most livable city in the world?


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