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Welcome to my site. My name is Greg Hung and it’s my job to help you find your time and location freedom especially if you’re a Videographer or Creator. As a late 30 something location independent I look for a combination of value and comfort. With my unique background I’m able to offer you advice and travel tips on South Africa, Vancouver Canada, and Asia as a start.

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It always helps to get some ideas and ispiration from other entrepreneurs. On my podcast (The Greg Hung show) I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs from around the world that share their stories and their unique online business. You can listen to the podcast on itunes here or check out the show notes here. Please leave me a 5 star review on itunes so I know you enjoy it!


I’ve travelled and lived in destinations like Taipei Taiwan, Chiang Mai Thailand, Bangkok, Penang, Singapore, South Africa, and Vancouver for a month or longer. I’ve visited even more destinations for filming trips or vacations with a list to long to mention. I’m a big believer in slow travel and share some excellent tips for setting up a base or places to visit and film over here.

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This is a special page I’ve put together with all the tools, gear, and guru’s I’ve followed on my journey to help you.My journey and story.

Welcome. Hi my name is Greg Hung. If you’re interested in being inspired to discover yourself, enjoy lifestyle, creating your own journey and freedom, or looking for ideas and methods to make an income on the Internet you’ve come to the right place!
Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 11.36.49 AM
My apartment in downtown Vancouver Yaletown. I lived a good bachelor life as an IT manager while I studied my MBA

I have a unique background being of Chinese South African heritage. I was originally born in South Africa where I went to a strict all-boy private school before relocating to Canada. After relocating several times in Canada my family settled in Vancouver, Canada. I managed to become a highly ranked Tennis junior player in British Columbia. I was always into computers and began university in Computer science at Simon Fraser University. I caught up with the party life that I missed in high school during University and somehow managed to finished my degree in Communications at Simon Fraser University. After that I built a solid career in IT working my way up the corporate ladder to an IT Manager.

My tennis hardware from my successful junior Tennis career
I always wanted to be successful. My definition of success at the time was what most people consider a normal path to success. Study hard and get a degree, get a good job doing what you love, earn good money, get your own place, get a good car ,and try to have a family. I did all that. I was an IT manager for a top private company in Vancouver, one of the most livable cities in the world. I bought my own 745 square foot apartment in downtown Yaletown Vancouver and owned a decent ride. I should have been happy, but to be honest with myself I wasn’t.
It was during this period I felt I lost a sense of purpose and started the Masters program at Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business. During the program I emerged with my passion for travel, a business plan, and the courage to start my own business. All my life I had done the correct thing and was fairly conservative.  With the travel I did and inspiration to start my business I started to gain the courage to take risks I left my corporate job, sold my apartment and attempted to start a luxury tour business called Chicvoyage in Vancouver. Unfortunately it failed. However, I had discovered another passion for video and traveled around Asia for 2 months with my SLR camera.
During my trip to Asia I attended by good friend Allen’s wedding. My first visit to Taiwan
After I returned from Asia this website was ready and I returned to corporate. After I had tasted the freedom and breaking free of the conservative path that I had followed for most of my life it was not long before I sold everything and left for my next adventure. This time I traveled through Australia for 2 months. I lived in Singapore for 2 months and traveled to South Africa, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
Greg at Capetown, South Africa in front of a Table Mountain
In 2013 I returned to Taiwan to begin my working holiday. My first real experience studying and living abroad. I arrived with my dreams, my camera gear, and my essentials. During this time I taught English and developed into a creative Digital nomad. I began to figure out ways to make an income. Things like selling my travel footage over the Internet using stock agencies and teaching on-line classes on platforms like Udemy.
Making a consistent income over the Internet was a great feeling that I wanted more of.
When I first began this site and this business it was about luxury and travel. With the name of the company I felt an obligation to live up to the name of the business, which was stylish travel. I still retain a long term vision to one day have some luxury resort on an exotic island for people to visit. However through this journey I’ve tried to remain honest myself, my passions and to follow my heart. I’ve discovered what is really important to me and what I really need.

Things I can’t live without

  • Gear to create and share content – Laptop, Camera, Phone and accessories I need to create and communicate
  • Fast Wifi – To upload and download. Fast is a minimum of 10mb/s down/up
  • Liberal Internet – Some countries like Singapore and Mainland China restrict certain sites and Social media. At a minimum I need access to social media for my business
  • Balance and exercise – I love to keep fit whether it’s swimming, tennis, basketball, or riding a bike. Sometimes I need to unplug from all technology
  • Good comfort foods – Sometimes I think I should create a food blog. I love foods from around the world –  dumplings, meat pies, burgers, spaghetti bolognese, beef noodles, curries, and much more


  • A strong black coffee. Medium roast Eastside from JJ bean coffee in Vancouver is good. UCC coffee in Taipei and Japan is good too
  • Craft Beer, Dry Japanese Beer, Big Reds, Crisp cool White wines – Asahi super dry gold, IPA’s, merlot
  • Fresh juices – Delicious guava juice, coconut milk, fresh orange juice.
greg selfie2
Returning to Taiwan for a working holiday. Creating stock footage and on-line video courses
Taking us to 2015 I feel excited about a new direction focusing on travel and the lifestyle of the digital nomad learning Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan and Asia. I want to inspire you to follow your dreams and take your adventure and journey. If you are comfortable with your life you can still experience the journey of someone following their dreams by sign up to my newsletter.
I’ve reinvented myself into a success before and my plan is to follow the process that has worked for me before plus then some and develop a successful business. By signing up to my newsletter you can expect to hear travel stories and valuable tips and lessons learned on this journey to becoming a successful digital nomad.

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Working as a Digital nomad in Vancouver during a holiday visit


Subscribe for tips to help improve your ability to create and earn your time & location freedom.

What your will get:

  • Gear & Tools I use for my Business
  • Tips to Improve your Ability to Create & Earn with your creativity
  • Business & Marketing Tips
  • Destination Guides

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