Top things Vancouver locals enjoy doing in Summer

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I’ve lived in Vancouver since 1995 and have traveled to South Africa, New Zealand, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Peru, Mexico, Las Vegas, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Xian, Turks and Caicos, Toronto, San Francisco and so on. I enjoy keeping an active lifestyle, enjoy eating and trying a variety of experiences. With this in mind […]

Producing a Travel Documentary – ChicVoyage in Asia

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Producing a Travel Documentary Almost a year in the making after departing for Asia in December 2012 I will be receiving the first batch of high definition Blu-Ray copies of ChicVoyage in Asia from my supplier. if you go to our subsidiary website Chicvoyage Productions travel store  you will also see  ChicVoyage in Asia now […]

We’re Back – The blog is back, new website and new adventures

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  The ChicVoyage website is now complete. Our website has been in development for the past year and was a larger project than originally planned. I hope you enjoy the new site and find it Chic and a place you will come to visit for high quality travel content. The first draft of the website […]

An introduction to Xian, China and the Terracotta warriors

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Terracotta Warriors - Pit 1

After Bejing, ChicVoyage will be visiting a city in China, famous for the Teracotta warriors . Xian is a 13 hour drive, 1100km south west from Beijing, in the Shaanxi Province. An economy flight from Beijing to Xian is 2 hours long and you can expect to pay $200 US in December. I must admit […]

ChicVoyage visiting Beijing soon

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Beijing is our first stop on a month and a half long visit to Asia in early December. Here is a little bit of research I wanted to share before the trip. The essentials China Visa To begin, the first thing to do before booking your trip is to get a Chinese Visa. Here is […]

Highlights of a Chic Summer in Montreal 2011

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This summer I decided I had to plan a trip to Montreal and experience all that I had heard about the Chic women, the well-known night life, and amount of options of things to do. The original highlights of my trip – Just for Laughs festival – Russell Peters – Jean-Paul Gaultier Exhibit – Montreal […]

TaiwanFest in Vancouver Sep 5th 2011

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ChicVoyage decided to provide a little flavor of the Taiwanfest. I decided to provide footage and spotted local celebrity and NBA point guard for the Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash, in Jugo Juice in Yaletown. There were plenty of tents set up on Granville St. The prominent tents were sponsored by TELUS giving away the sunglasses […]

Cigar Lounges, Scotch, steaks, in Montreal. Where is the best cigar lounge?

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So I discovered on the weekend that Montreal has been grandfathered by the city’s changing law, luckily Cigar lounges in Montreal have been spared. I first discovered the cigar during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  On my way through Yaletown, I stopped at a cigar store called Reveluction. I wondered in there and a guy […]