GHS #18 Earl – Journey from tech support to Vancouver Millionaire

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Earl is the first millionaire I had the pleasure of speaking with on the Greg Hung show. We both worked at Crystal Decisions back in 2005 and I was curious to connect with 11 years later to chart his journey from tech support to millionaire. During my trip back to Vancouver we met in downtown […]

#17 @NigelFish – Running man & Vancouver Digital Nomad

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Nigel Fish is a Canadian running junkie and location independent developer junkie that is living a pimp downtown lifestyle in Vancouver. He lived and ran in Asian cities such as Taipei, Siem riep, and Chiang mai. He is also the man who introduced me to the Digital nomad scene that eventually led to me to […]

Phil Ebiner – 6 figure Videographer Online Teacher

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If you’re a videographer looking to expand your business into the world of on-line teaching then Phil Ebiner is a great role model for that. Phil is a well-known authority in the online teaching world and is a step ahead of where the trends are. He is unique in that he has videographer and photographer […]

(GHS 14) UFC AKA Thailand Videographer & BJJ Instructor Mitch Viquez

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UFC AKA Thailand Videographer & BJJ Instructor Mitch Viquez may be living the dream life in Phuket Thailand. Mitch is a down to earth American who knew what he wanted and did what it took to realize his path. In this interview podcast we had a chance to chat at the well-known MMA gym AKA […]

360 video podcast – Virtual Reality Gear VR – Greg Hung Show 13

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I caught up with Sam Tate to talk about his Samsung Gear VR goggles, the future of video, 360 video, video gaming, and everything in between Sam’s stuff: Promo for Sam’s game… I’m @samueltates on twitter, company is @tsrctco, site is Japanese take on NAB 2016:… B and H photo NAB 2016 […]

GHS 12 – Taiwan Working Holiday Pt 1

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In this episode of the Greg Hung show I take a shift from the video world  to focus on travel and life in Taiwan. I used a working holiday visa to live in Taipei , study chinese, teach english and continue working on my video business. Later I came up with the idea for an […]

GHS 11: Josh Los Angeles Inspire 1 Videographer

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Josh is a Los Angeles based Videographer with the latest Video toys like the Inspire 1 drone and the DJI Osmo. He also runs a video based business off-line and has a strong online presence through youtube with 5582 subscribers and over 732k views. I actually discovered him while he was about to fly his […]

GHS 10: South African Aerial Videographer – Automated Flying + Drone talk

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I believe automated flying is a next level skills once you master the basics of manual flying. I learned these skills from a South African Aerial photographer Laurence Sebereni. I took his Udemy course Phantom Film School to learn everything I knew about automated flying with litchi and more. In episode 10 of the Greg […]

GHS (009) – US travel drone photographer couple in Asia

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Welcome to the drone entrepreneur month where the focus will be on drone owners and and how they use them for business. Landon was the first drone owner I met in Chiang Mai. He is one half of the american travel blogger couple from San Diego. I’m jealous that they go to live the digital […]

GHS (008) – Former Physician starts US National Camera Rental Business

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I’m happy to welcome Roger Cicala, the president of 8 of the Greg Hung show is out! Roger is a former US Physician who turned his camera hobby into a successful National Camera Rental business. Learn Roger’s story, how he started the business, his lifestyle, business advice and more. I found out how […]