Teaching English abroad in Taiwan 2015

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Teaching English abroad in Taiwan 2015 Teaching English abroad in Taiwan is an interesting experience available to English speakers with a degree. There are different views on teaching English in Taiwan both from locals and from foreigners. I taught English in Taiwan for 4 months at a cram school and currently teach adults a couple […]

Digital nomad in Taiwan for about $1000US a month

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TOP 5 LOCATIONS   Subscribe to receive my 5 locations for Location Independent Videographers and Why   Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.     First Name   Email Address   We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill […]

Taiwan Working Holiday – Event Dec 15th Vancouver

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I had an idea to talk about my Taiwan working holiday experience before I returned to Vancouver.  I scheduled an event on Eventbrite and was actually surprised once I started getting some ticket sales. After all this was my first paid talk and and an experiment. Once I got to Vancouver I found a great […]

Where to get a haircut in Taipei

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Follow @ghung   If you live in Taipei long enough you’re going to need to do ordinary things like get a haircut or get a dentist.  So where to get a haircut in Taipei? I started by googling and recall opening this blog post by Madeline more than once. I tried out her suggestion and […]

2 great free resources for learning Chinese

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Follow @ghung 2 great free resources for learning Chinese This month I want to introduce you to 2 free resources for learning Chinese (Mandarin). Both resources are high tech. One is a free app called Chineseskill and another is a podcast from Jenny Zhu. What I love about both of these solutions is that you […]

Tips to become a better English Teacher in Taiwan

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So you’ve decided to become an English teacher in Taiwan? Now that my experience as an English teacher in Taiwan is over I thought I would reflect and pass on some of my hard lessons learned. Some of this stuff I just learned and wasn’t covered in my schools training. I’m there are much more […]

Kenting,Taiwan – Revealed

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Kenting Follow @ghung I had lived in Taipei, Taiwan almost a year and during this time I heard lots of positive things from locals about Kenting’s beaches and great weather. It was a 2-hour high-speed train ride and a 2-hour drive south of Taipei. I decided to travel there and see for myself.  Kenting is […]

Learning chinese in Taiwan after 1 year

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Follow @ghung Next month will be my first year spent year living in Taipei, Taiwan.  I think it’s a good time to reflect and share some of my experiences for those that are interested. In this article I’ll share the experience of learning chinese in Taiwan after 1 year and some useful tips. Shida I […]

Dancing grass – Yilan, Taiwan

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Follow @ghung The day after my birthday celebration my local friend and I met at the Taipei Mrt station of Guting at 8:30am. From there we caught our hour and half train ride out to Yilan. Prior to this trip a couple of locals mentioned that Yilan had natural beauty. I did’t have time to […]

Taiwan lantern Festival 2014 Pingxi – Valentines day

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Follow @ghung My local Taiwanese friend Serena told me about the Chinese New Year lantern festival. I looked at the official page and saw that it was held in Pingxi district on Valentines Day. I was debating for days whether to go or not due to the weather. I wasn’t even sure the lanterns would […]