Phil Ebiner – 6 figure Videographer Online Teacher

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If you’re a videographer looking to expand your business into the world of on-line teaching then Phil Ebiner is a great role model for that. Phil is a well-known authority in the online teaching world and is a step ahead of where the trends are. He is unique in that he has videographer and photographer […]

Travel biz Camera(s) roundup – stock footage, free-lancing, & online teaching

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If you’re a stock footage videographer, on-line teacher, or travel videographer I’ll try to simplify your choices for you that are no technical. Back in 2011 it was an easy decision to purchase one of the Canon SLR models. In 2016 technology has advanced seeing the introduction of mirror less camera’s that are powerful in […]

Where to Live & Work – Vancouver Living Guide for Expats and Digital nomads

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So you made the decision to relocate to Vancouver. If you’re an expat, international student, digital nomad or new to the city then keep reading. Vancouver is a beautiful city on sunny days especially when there is still snow on the mountains. There are few cities that can compete with its natural beauty. It offers […]

Where to work in Chiang Mai as a Digital Nomad Video Creator & Instructor

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Where to work in Chiang Mai as a Digital Nomad Video Creator & Instructor Many of the digital nomads who I’ve met in Chiang Mai usually fall into the category of affiliate marketer, e-book writer, seo guru, coder or developer, freelancer, dropshipper, blogger, or podcaster. I’ve met only a handful of video creators or on-line […]

A solution to the frequent Question mark of death for Mac laptops

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A solution to the frequent Question mark of death for Mac laptops I hope you don’t have the same issue as I had, but if you have been getting the frequent question mark of death when trying to boot up your MacBook. I want to give you a solution that has worked for me. I’m […]

A Digital Nomads Vision for 2015

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   A Digital Nomad’s Vision for 2015 I’ve heard about the value of creating a vision recently from Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Tim Ferris podcast. I thought I would give it a shot and try to have some fun with it. At the beginning of most years I have written something in my journal or […]

How I earned $99 for my first paid talk in Vancouver using Eventbrite

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It’s been almost been a month since I left Vancouver and did my first paid talk. I had 10 tickets sold, and I believe 8 people actually attended. I earned 78 US ($99 canadian) in net revenue.  In this post I’m going to share how I earned $99 for my first paid talk in Vancouver. […]

Building a Social Media following & Video production business with Vancouver Entrepreneur Alex Yu

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I came for a visit to Vancouver after almost 2 years away. My friend mentioned that our mutual friend Alex had built a full-time business doing video production and a strong social media following using Youtube and Facebook during my time away. Alex has built a following of 43,000 subscribers on YouTube and 15,1000 likes […]

Where to get a haircut in Taipei

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Follow @ghung   If you live in Taipei long enough you’re going to need to do ordinary things like get a haircut or get a dentist.  So where to get a haircut in Taipei? I started by googling and recall opening this blog post by Madeline more than once. I tried out her suggestion and […]

Starbucks Taipei 101 – Great views on the 35th floor

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Follow @ghung   Starbucks Taipei 101 is a must-see If you’re going for a visit to see Taipei 101 which I highly recommend. It offers the some of the best views of Taipei for the lowest cost. The best views for free are at the elephant mountain hike, which I’ll cover on the future post. […]