Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands Experience

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Providenciales is a small island amongst the Turks and Caicos Islands with an area of 38 square miles according to wikipedia. Trip advisor has awarded this destination with the best beach destination in world for 2011 and 2012.  This prompted a visit from ChicVoyage to the island in October 2011. Greg Hung shares his thought on this visit.

Our review of Providenciales

In our experience Providenciales is still a relatively uncrowded destination and an unspoiled gem. The main attraction for coming to this island is the beautiful uncrowded white flour sands of Grace Bay beach. The warm unspoiled turqoise water is a joy to take a dip in to cool off. The sunset offer a scenic backdrop as the warm colorful skyline reflects off the ocean. This calm ocean, perfect warm temperatures, and scenery are to be experienced and photographed. In October the temperature was sunny and hot and was approximately around 25-30 degrees Celsius (77 - 86 Fahrenheit), and enhancing your enjoyment are the ocean breezes and lack of humidity. Frommer's travel guide claims that Turks and Caicos receives an average of 350 days of sunshine, so there is a good probability to get your sunshine. However, the islands are also known for a hurricane season from June - November, but satellite forecasts are available to mitigate this during your planning. For more weather detail check Frommer's travel guide.
Tip: Bring bug/mosquito spray especially during the evening if you are down by the beach area when they tend to come out.

Premier Scuba Diving destination

For those that can swim and seek adventure the ocean has more to offer. Snorkeling is one way to venture further away from the shore to search for some ocean life. Club Med offers daily snorkeling excursions with larger groups where you can expect a boat to take you out to the snorkeling location. Providenciales is also known to be a premier scuba diving destination. An article from Frommer supports this point, and claims the late Jacques Cousteau, a diving expert cited Providenciales as one of the 10 best diving sites in the world.  Greg Hung, Owner of ChicVoyage, had a chance to sample the scuba diving first hand after acquiring his PADI certification from Vancouver and had this to say. "I love Vancouver, but the scuba diving experience here in October at dive sites such as Porteau Cove was nowhere close to what I experienced at Providenciales with the Club Med team". The visibility in the  Providenciales ocean was awesome, the temperature was warm enough to swim in my bathing suit without any wet or dry suit, and I saw a diverse variety of ocean life down there. From the beach you have direct access to the ocean, and on my scuba diving experience a boat takes you out to the diving destination. This gives you time to enjoy a coffee, get your gear on, and when you are ready you give right off the boat into warm clear ocean and enjoy the sea life. Amazing experience"
Visiting some of the more well known beach-front properties Providenciales appears to cater to families and adult couples. However, for those party seekers you can find a regular happening night life at the Club Med resort, where each night has a different theme with good quality live entertainment and energy from the staff and fellow travelers.  We share some pictures of the experience, but If you would like to experience Providenciales from the comfort of home and learn insider trips we encourage you to purchase ChicVoyage in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands 2011 from our travel store. We leave you with a video that Maxwell, one of the talented staff on the Club Med team has created of the diving experience.


Trip Duration: 4 nights

The island is small and unspoiled.  The main attraction is the quiet beach and the water. This itinerary is to provide some guidance to help you visualize your trip.

Day 1 • Pick up from airport. Transfer to your hotel, which is most likely located at the beach
• Check-in and change
• Schedule scuba diving for the week and/or any tours
• Tropical cocktail refreshment
• Walk to the beach to photograph sunset
• Dinner at hotel
• Club Med Turkoise for a themed party night
Day 2 • Breakfast
• Beach - Reading, swimming and/or tanning
• Scuba Diving
• Late lunch
• Walk or drive to town
• Dinner at hotel
• Club Med - Live Entertainment and dancing
Day 3 • Breakfast
• Scuba Diving
• Walk on beach to look for Conch shells
• Lunch
• Relax at beach
• Sailing
• Dinner in town
• Club Med Trapeze show
Day 4 • Breakfast
• Horse Riding
• Private tour of the other islands with lunch
• Relax at beach
• Snorkeling
• Dinner in town
• Walk on beach to Grace Bay for drink on outdoor lounge

Map & Highlights

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