GHS 12 – Taiwan Working Holiday Pt 1

In this episode of the Greg Hung show I take a shift from the video world  to focus on travel and life in Taiwan. I used a working holiday visa to live in Taipei , study chinese, teach english and continue working on my video business. Later I came up with the idea for an ebook called  “Waiguoren” (外國人) The Taiwan working Holiday. The book was to be a compilation of stories about my 2.5 years living in Taiwan.

Taiwan working holiday

Some highlights of what you’ll hear in this podcast.

  • Good places to live in Taipei
  • Good destinations to travel to in Taiwan
  • Relationships and the dating scene  in Taiwan
  • Breakdown of local areas and what to do there
  • Good eats in Taipei. Yes it’s all about the food

Tips for the Travel Videographer

Gimbal film making

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