Is there a future in Vancouver

I grew up in Vancouver beginning in 1991 in Richmond and then moved to Vancouver Island before returning in 1995. I’ve seen how Vancouver has changed very quickly most notably after gaining global attention after the olympics.

Is there a future in Vancouver

Vancouver attracted global attention and started ranking as one of the top cities to live in. This attracted foreign investors to purchase a lot of property. Many locals (myself included) that had property at the time cashed in, but now prices in 2019 have become still affordable for most locals. There has been a trickle down effect from this property market. Locals with families have been forced to move further outside of Vancouver and make long commutes for work. Restaurants are close and younger talent are moving out of the city because its just too expensive. Salaries have not increased along with the property prices.

In this context is there still a future in Vancouver for new residents, university graduates, and locals that for whatever reason don’t own property post 2010 olympics. I explore this topic in this podcast.

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