Vancouver co-working spaces, India entrepreneurship, & more with Raj

Vancouver co-working spaces
Raj, Revenue Manager from the Loden turned entrepreneur. He is the jack of all trades on what’s happening on the web.

In this interview you will learn the following:

  • How he built an email list to 1000 people
  • Entrepreneurship in India
  • Cafe’s and co-working spaces to work at in Vancouver
  • Why do you want to use co-working spaces?
  • Great tools and real-world practical advice to build your email-list
  • Morning routines
  • Using the cloud to give you location flexibility

Today I’m introducing my good entrepreneurial friend Rajesh Rajan from Rethink Hotels. I met him when he was the Revenue Manager of the Loden hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is very knowledgeable and I consider him the jack of all trades on the web. I apologize for the sound quality. It was Christmas and it just so to bring my SLR and shotgun mic. Raj is a positive laid back guy with a good sense of humor. It’s been 4 months since I’ve recorded this interview and I still picking up new tips!


Major take-aways from this interview

  • Using sumome tools to build an email list and the amazing share buttons
  • The ideas of using co-working spaces to work from and meet entrepreneurs in any city
  • How to warm approach someone to building your network and the importance of the network
  • Keeping an eye on entrepreneurship in India
  • That I need to improve my audio for in the field recordings perhaps with a Zoom H6 handy recorder


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