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Maui Video

By Greg Hung Aug 9 2013

Greg is a World Explorer, Film-maker & Travel & Technology Serial Entrepreneur has directed, shot, edited, and produced over 30 high definition travel and lifestyle related videos on Youtube videos in addition to producing ChicVoyage in Asia – modern travel adventures on the store. He has been instructed by globally renown SLR Director and film-maker Phillip Bloom.

Greg Hung World explorer, film-maker & entrepreneur
Greg Hung World explorer, film-maker & entrepreneur

I want to share a Maui video produced recently this year. During 2012 I returned to the office in Vancouver and the conversations in the office on Friday’s or before vacations often led to sharing of stories about Maui. I had heard about this beach paradise, and yet at the time I didn’t find a whole lot of quality videos on this destination to see what is it like. I traveled to Maui in May 2013 and decided to share part of the experience of traveling here by creating this Maui video. Memories of Maui include the wonderful hot weather, the oceanfront condo’s, pretty beaches, friendly people, and how beautiful and unspoiled this destination is. I’ve decided to partner with Vancouver travel podcaster available here. Enjoy





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