GHS 10: South African Aerial Videographer – Automated Flying + Drone talk

laurence-seberini1-Me-edited-I believe automated flying is a next level skills once you master the basics of manual flying. I learned these skills from a South African Aerial photographer Laurence Sebereni. I took his Udemy course Phantom Film School to learn everything I knew about automated flying with litchi and more. In episode 10 of the Greg Hung show I scheduled a skype call with him while I was in Phuket Thailand. Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

  • Automated flying using the Litchi 3rd party app
  • Why its a good time to buy and use Phantom 3 drone and not the Phantom 4
  • 360 aerial panorama’s
  • 360 video
  • Virtual Reality
  • Flying drones in South Africa for recreation and commercial purposes
  • Good locations to fly in South Africa
  • The Experience of teaching on-line on Udemy and Teachable


Phantom Film School 1 on Udemy (discount code)


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Mavic at phuket

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