Johnny walkers oldest for sale – A rare treasure discovered during my travel’s in South Africa

johnny walker oldest for sale

Johnny-Walkers-oldest for sale

johnny-walkers-oldest for sale
Greg Hung - a modern marco polo for the 3rd millenium

Dear whiskey connoisseur,

Similar to the famous world traveler Marco Polo I am a world explorer and adventurer traveling to new destinations and have done much to introduce Asia to the world. Think of me as the South African Canadian Chinese Marco Polo for the third millennium. My name is Greg and during my second travel adventure I sold almost all my possessions to continue to pursue to passion and dreams of travel and film.

johnny walker oldest for sale

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During my trip to South Africa my grand mother recognized that I enjoyed beverages such as wines and whiskeys and helped her to appraise some bottles that she and my late Grandfather William Hung accumulated throughout the years. My grand father had been known to have many business connections within the South African community and globally and my grandmother shared that it was common to receive these bottles as gifts from diplomats and politicians.

Due to the gift of the Internet I was able to discover that this unopened bottle of Johnny walker’s oldest is the finest of Johnny walker’s premium blue label that has been referred to as a significant piece of whiskey history period. According to the whiskey exchange ” this is one of the first ever bottlings of Johnny Walker Blue Label. These old bottles are not getting extremely rare and difficult to find.” My grandmother has kindly allowed to take ownership of the bottle and bring it to Singapore. I’ve decided to make it available to someone that will appreciate something this special and rare for the right price.

I’ve opened the seal so that I may take pictures of the unique serial number for authenticity for your benefit.

coincidentally the colors of the bottle and packaging are the same imperial blue and gold. I’ve also had some difficultly finding which method to find a buyer so I’m trying through my website.

Please contact ChicVoyage if you are interested in purchasing.