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Travel ebook FILM OZ

I’ve decided to spend some time to put together my first Travel Ebook based in Bondi Beach and Sydney Australia documenting my filming adventures.

For the past 4 years I have put out a lot of travel content from videos, blog posts, tweets, and facebook posts. Since making the decision to start my business and making the decision to follow my heart I have been on an interesting journey with many lessons. This journey has taken me to many countries and even as you read this I’m sitting in a café in Taipei, Taiwan putting together this e-book. I wanted to create a series of e-books to share some of these adventures and along the way inform and inspire you explore and travel. I’ve taken many risks such as leaving good corporate jobs twice in Vancouver to selling my apartment and by car. As this is the first e-book I’m sure the books will evolve so I thank you for your patience. We will start in Sydney, Australia and I can tell you I have enough stories and great footage for many more books in countries such as New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and more. Let’s begin.




Book Highlights

  • See great pictures of the popular Bondi beach and Sydney
  • See the surf cave where I based myself on airbnb and a direct link to the airbnb listing
  • Learn about the shocking prices and some survival tips
  • I provide some of the best spots to enjoy a beer with a view of the Opera House and Harbour bridge and take awesome footage
  • I share some of the Sydney nightlife
  • I share my story of how I made some new friends in Sydney


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