Scams in Vancouver Canada exposed – Wedding Video, Fake Google Reps

Scams in Vancouver Canada exposed

In this episode I’m going to reveal 3 scams I was exposed to in Vancouver Canada including the Wedding Video QuickBooks Scam, Fake Google Rep scam, and the spam government calls. In my 9 years providing video services internationally I’ve never been scammed until in December 2019.

I think various locations outside Vancouver are targeting our province because of the wealth in this city. As a videographer I’m going to expose them as I ended up losing $200 through a fake wedding where I was encourage to sign up for quickbooks.

Scams in Vancouver Canada
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GHS 006 – How Wedding MC Speaker Coach created an Online Business

Petter Miller is an Australian International Master of Ceremonies + SpeakersCoach I met in Chiang Mai. He is a breath of fresh air coming from an acting background to now running is online business from Chiang Mai. He also volunteers as the Mcee at the weekly coffee Nomad meetup. In this interview Petter shares his journey to Chiang Mai and drops awesome vocal delivery tips that anyone can use to improve their business.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Petter developed his first digital product and started his online business
  • How Petter bounced back from adversity through reading
  • Super tips on improving your public speaking and vocal delivery
  • Effective old fashioned to get to know your customer
  • The APEC business visa and how it can erase your visa run headaches


Pettermiller website

Speakers Coach

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