TaiwanFest in Vancouver Sep 5th 2011

ChicVoyage decided to provide a little flavor of the Taiwanfest. I decided to provide footage and spotted local celebrity and NBA point guard for the Phoenix Suns, Steve Nash, in Jugo Juice in Yaletown.

Steve Nash and Greg Hung Jugo Juice

There were plenty of tents set up on Granville St. The prominent tents were sponsored by TELUS giving away the sunglasses with green rims that have been seen around town. In my opinion it is the food that is one of the main reasons to check out this event. In our upcoming video you’ll see squid on the BBQ, a local bubble tea stand, and an interview from Oscar providing a reason to check out Chef Hung’s famous Taiwanese Beef Noodles. There is no family relation, so there is no bias for my love of Taiwanese beef noodles. There are no Taiwanese Beef noodle restaurants in downtown Vancouver so this is a great opportunity to try some. I personally didn’t try them at the time of writing, but my friend texted my that this batch was extra special so I’m personally making a second trip to try them out tonight. Chef Hung does have a restaurant in the Aberdeen mall located in Richmond, which is accessible from the Canada line.

Vancouver is home to some good Taiwanese noodle options. Some important qualities are a good and tasty broth. The beef should be tender and lean with minimal fat. Thirdly, the noodles should be firm, but tender and your choice between thin or thick noodles. I like the thick noodles.

More information about Chef Hung’s restaurant.

Another great family owned restaurant to try for beef noodles. It is recommended to pick up if you prefer to sit in a restaurant with a nice atmosphere.
Haung’s Beef Noodle House

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Mavic at phuket

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  • aggie

    Daaarn, totally didn’t realize the Taiwanese Festival was this weekend, sad I missed the street food!

  • ghung

    I didn’t get to try the Beef noodles tonight. They ran out of food and decided to wrap up things early so will have to venture out to Aberdeen soon.

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    • ghung

      Thanks look out for future post as a follow up to the TaiwanFest on a trip to Chef Hung’s Beef Noodles

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