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My first haircut at FIN was a good experience
My first haircut at FIN was a good experience


If you live in Taipei long enough you’re going to need to do ordinary things like get a haircut or get a dentist.  So where to get a haircut in Taipei? I started by googling and recall opening this blog post by Madeline more than once. I tried out her suggestion and went to a hair salon called FIN near the Zhongshan MRT. There is actually a FIN1 and FIN2. I tried FIN2 and got a really good hair cut with the stylist, hairwash with an attractive girl, hair dry and some hair product. I think I paid about 500nt ($16.14 US), which is a good price by Western standards. When I tried to make my next appointment I did it with the same hair stylist. I even confirmed the price with them in Chinese. I think about 500nt. I got there and finished the haircut and then waited for the bill. They told me it is something like 900nt. I was so frustrated and to make matters worst all the staff crowded around the pay counter. I  interpreted this as the Taiwanese way to try support their boss. Anyhow, I think their case was that I made an appointment with the master stylist and that was his price. Also the second time the haircut is usually more expensive. My argument was that I confirmed the price of the appointment on the phone. This was probably due to a miscommunication and I couldn’t really argue with people that didn’t fully understand me. I ended up settling on 700nt, and I was super frustrated they tried to take advantage of me especially in foreign friendly Taiwan. I promised I would write this post to protect english speaking foreigners from getting taking advantage of. If you’re going to a salon usually the way it works is they will use a more experienced stylist to cut your hair the first time. You’ll get the hair cut, free drink, hair wash, hair dry, and hair product treatment for about 500nt. The second time it’s going to cost you  more for the experienced stylists and a bit less for the junior stylists. Personally I hate going to places with this tiered system.

Taipei organizes some areas well and in trendy Zhongshan (中山 MRT (red and green line) you’ll find a lot of upscale hair salons that are more pricy.

No 1 Male hair salon
No 1 Male hair salon


My friend told me if you pay more than 300nt you are paying too much.  If you want a haircut for 300nt ($9.70 US) you can find the barbers at some of the MRT’s. They have one if you get off the Zhongshan MRT and walk in the underground metro mall towards Taipei Main station. There is another in the East Mall underground walkway at Zhongxiao Dunhua. If you want something a bit more stylish like a scissor haircut with a hairwash and some product you can go to the Shida area, which is near Taipower MRT exit 3. Once you exit go right on Roosevelt road and turn right on Shida road. If you walk straight on Shida road you will see hair salons on both sides. The hair salon I went to before that I had a great experience with is Park Hair Culture 台北市大安區師大路117巷4號1樓No. 4, Lane 117, Shi da Rd., Daan District, Taipei, Taipei 106, Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan. I was introduced to it by a Swedish friend that cared about his hair a lot.  It is in a lane so you will turn right. I suggest you copy and paste the Chinese address in your Google maps to find it. If you’re a student the cost is 450nt. If you’re not a student it’s about 650-700nt I think. They are a smaller modern salon and I suggest making an appointment before.

If you don’t have a student card and you’re a guy I recently found a place called No.1 Male Hair Salon. Yes interesting name I know. Shandao Temple MRT (善導寺站) 臺北士林森南路 2-1號1F。They have a weird racing car garage theme, but they do an alright job with a haircut (with buzzer), quick hair wash, dry, and product for 550nt. Second visit is for 400-450nt. For the ladies if you’re looking for something more posh and fancy you can getting off at Taipei 101 World trade center MRT and looking around there.

Where to get a haircut in Taipei
Park is a great option in Shida. Ask for Park or Peggy

If you’re interested in practicing some Chinese at the salon. Here is some vocabulary you may find useful. If you’re interested when the MP3 audio and a full set of the hair salon vocabulary and phrases you can sign up below.


hair salon vocabulary

English Chinese (traditional) Pinyin
short hair 短髪 Duǎnfà
long hair 長髮 zhǎng fà
bangs 劉海 liúhǎi
shampoo 洗髮精 xǐ fà jīng
conditioner 潤絲 rùn sī
hair gel 髮膠 fàjiāo
I would like to have my hair washed? 我 想 洗頭髮 wǒ xiǎng xǐ tóufà
How do you want it cut? 你要怎麼見 nǐ yào zěnme jiàn
Just trim off the ends 只修髮尾就好 zhǐ xiū fà wěi jiù hǎo
Could I have it the same style? 請幫我做和這個一樣的髮型 qǐng bāng wǒ zuò hé zhège yīyàng de fàxíng
Do I need to make an appointment? 需要預約嗎 xūyào yùyuē ma
How long do I need to wait? 我搖等多久? wǒ yáo děng duōjiǔ?
How much is it? 多少錢 Duōshǎo qián


0 Líng
2 èr
3 sān
6 liù
9 jiǔ
10 shí
11 十一 shí yī
12 十二 shí èr
13 十三 shí sān
14 十四 shí sì
15 十五 shí wǔ
16 十六 shí liù
17 十七 shí qī
18 十八 shí bā
19 十九 shí jiǔ
20 二十 èr shí
30 三十 sān shí
40 四十 sì shí
50 五十 wǔ shí
99 九十九 jiǔ shí jiǔ
100 一百 yībǎi
200 兩百 liǎng bǎi
1000 一千 yīqiān


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