Why I used Adobe Spark

Why I use Adobe Premiere and Adobe Spark and Adobe Products more these days

I’m using more of Adobe’s tools for my Video Editing and Design work since I started using Adobe Premiere Pro for Video Editing. Why? Because Adobe is a company that is focused on designing software and services for creatives (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Spark, Adobe Rush, Adobe Premiere).

Why I use Adobe Premiere and Adobe Spark and more?
My youtube channel Chicvoyage. 95% of these videos have been edited on Adobe Premiere 2020. Bottom line it has increased my productivity.

There were other reasons for this as well. At the end of 2018 I decided to upgrade my Macbook Pro to a Huawei Matebook Pro X. The main reason I switched was that Apple was charging way too much for the hardware they were giving.

Here are the products I use from Adobe and Why?

  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2020 – I can use it to Video edit on any type of PC not just a mac. It has efficient with handling high resolution footage, it offers powerful motion graphics and fonts to give my videos a customer look.
  • Adobe Spark – I’m using this program, which is free to use if you have are paying for Adobe Premiere cloud creative service. It allows me to easily create professional looking graphics for my Youtube videos, Online Courses, Kindle Book Covers and more
  • Adobestock – I use them as a contributor as I submit my stock footage here more frequently in recent years since they have entered the game. They have good integration to their stock library with their programs

Here is a thumbnail I created using Adobe Spark.

Why I used Adobe Spark
This is the course thumbnail I used for my Adobe Spark course Link to the Course https://chicvoyageproductions.com/adobespark

Disclaimer: Please note that I’m an affiliate of adobe. I use the these products for my core line of business, but I get some compensation at no extra cost to you by using these links if you decide to use their products as well.


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